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Who is Maikel Bailey?

Maikel Bailey
For years Maikel has been working with world-renowned authors and speakers on the front lines in the fields of Personal Development & Leadership Development.

His grasp on human nature and how the world really works has inspired hundreds of entrepreneurs across the globe.

Maikels simple common sense approach connects with people and helps them figure out #1 Who they Are & #2 What they are really all about. This approach inspires people towards their purpose and creates a mentality of abundance and clarity.

Maikel lives with his wife Michelle in Bountiful Utah where he enjoys the outdoors, music, and observing and studying human nature.


Executive Coaching

Executives and Business Leaders have their unique challenges. Often looked to by the people in their organizations, their personal and social lives as the “go to person” for council, wisdom, and direction. When they are are need for the same, who do they turn to for confidential guidance?

Entrepreneurial Coach

I began working with entrepreneurs over 20 years ago. Entrepreneurs think and behave differently from employees or those who have never been in business for themselves. Are you ready to become a successful entrepreneur you’ve dreamed of becoming?

Corporate Training

We’ve all heard the saying, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. What if there are many weak links throughout the chain. A business, corporation or organization can be likened to the strength of a chain. If your company does not have a strong linkage with every person, it could be costing you more than you realize. It’s time to get this fixed.

Maikel Bailey is an executive coach and corporate trainer, specializing in leadership, employee development, and team building. For coaching, training or more information, contact Maikel Bailey at 801.910.5704.

July 30, 2018

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